Elka is an Italian synth manufacturer best known for creating the Synthex, a rare polysynth that is now valued by collectors for it’s rich sound.

[block] Release Date: [field Release] [/block] [block] Keys: [field Keys] [/block] Manufactured by Sequential Circuits Dates 1978-1984 Price US$4495 (Rev 1, Rev 2); US$3995 (Rev 3) Technical specifications Polyphony 5 voices Timbrality Monotimbral Oscillator 2 VCOs per voice LFO 1 Synthesis type Analog Subtractive Analog Frequency modulation via Poly-Mod Filter 24 dB/octave resonant low-pass Attenuator 2 x ADSR; one for VCF, one for VCA Aftertouch No Velocity sensitive No Memory 40 patches (120 patches on later units) Effects None Input/output Keyboard 61 keys Left-hand control Pitch & modulation wheels External control CV/Gate Optional factory MIDI kit for later Rev 3 units

Rare Elka synthex with new power supply

Rare ELKA Synthex for sale The Synthex is a very lush sounding classic analog 8 voice synthesizer. Later versions implemented basic MIDI functions. It has 30 knobs, 6 sliders, 80 switches and a joystick. Powerful sounds with 2 oscillators per note, separate envelope...

Elka Synthex analog polysynth

Legendary Elka Synthex analog polysynth. What makes this one special: 117v power set for USA, very rare since most of these are European set 220v. This is an early unit serial number 705 (they started at 700 so it's the 5th one built). Functional: 100% fully...