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Released in 1970, the Moog Minimoog was a monosynth specifically designed for rock and pop musicians. As a smaller cousin to the bulkier and more fragile modular Moog, the Minimoog opened up new creative possibilities on stage and in the studio. The Minimoog eliminated the need for patch cables by integrating the electronics into a cohesive unit with a small, 44-note keyboard.

The mini-Moog was conceived originally as a session musician’s axe, something a guy could carry to the studio, do a gig and walk out.

Robert Moog

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MiniMoog Details

The Minimoog continues to be a very sought-after synth, with a rich, analog sound generated by three oscillators.  With multiple waveforms and the ability to detune each one, very thick sounds can be generated. Many artists are still drawn to the powerful bass sounds this small synth can generate.

The filter path is a single 24dB-per-octave low-pass, with controls for cutoff frequency and resonance. After this, ADSR envelope and pitch and modulation wheels round it out.  Some believe that the Minimoog filter is one of the best ever produced and many latter synths copied them directly.

minimoog photo

Photo by somegeekintn

Artists using the MiniMoog

Many artists have used the Minimoog since it’s introduction in 1970. The sound influenced 70’s psychedelic rock all the way to more recent pop and electronic acts.

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the moon
Kraftwerk – Autobahn
Depeche Mode
Parliament – Flashlight
The Gap Band – You Dropped A Bomb On Me
The Orb
Chemical Brothers
Michael Jackson – Baseline on Thriller
Boards of Canada

I have a Minimoog, and I absolutely love that thing and you hear that on Dive. Tycho

MiniMoog Sound & Character

A Brief History of the Minimoog Part I
Follow the life of the Minimoog Synthesizer from its inception through its prolific contributions to poplular music throughout the last 4 decades. In this first installment documenting the journey of the Minimoog synth through the 1970's, we explore the musicians and the people that were instrumental in bringing the instrument to prominence. We also sit with one of Moog Music's earliest engineers, Bill Hemsath, who recalls the process of the Minimoog's birth and sheds some light on what sets the Moog synthesizer apart from other analog synths. Watch A Brief History of the Minimoog Part II here:

A Brief History of the Minimoog Part I

Minimoog-Session – now in HD
A neverending story: The Minimoog.. here a little Session with Lexicon Lxp-1, MPX-110 und Kurzweil Mangler. also used: Addictive Drums… Have fun

Minimoog-Session - now in HD

Technical specifications

Polyphony: Monophonic
Timbrality: Monotimbral
Oscillator: 3 VCOs, white/pink noise
LFO: Oscillator 3 can function as LFO
Synthesis type: Analog Subtractive
Filter: 24dB/oct, 4-pole lowpass filter with cutoff, resonance,
ADS envelope generator,keyboard tracking
Attenuator: ADS envelope generator
Effects: Frequency modulation using oscillator 3/noise
Keyboard: 44-note, low-note priority
Left-hand control: Pitch bend and mod wheels
External control: CV/gate

MiniMoog Softsynths and Emulators

There are several software synths that try to emulate the Moog sound, to various levels of success.

Arturia Mini V

The Arturia Mini V is one of the most popular Minimoog emulators. Arturia worked with Robert Moog to duplicate the sound by modeling it’s signal path in code.
Learn more about Arturia Mini V

Recent Sale Data

The Minimoog Model D is widely regarded as the most iconic synthesizer of all time.

MiniMoog Price Calculator
Average Vintage MiniMoog price: $5059.95
Standard Deviation: $1686.94
Mean minus 50% standard deviation (good deal): $4216.48
Mean minus one standard deviation (great deal): $3373

MiniMoogs for sale

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Vintage Moog MiniMoog Model D

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  1. rgourley

    I’ve been watching a few on ebay. Even though the prices are high, you’ve got to believe the minimoog will continue to appreciate in value over the next decades. There’s just nothing like it and as good as softsynths have become, the sound and look is awesome.


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