Prophet 5 Synth

The Prophet 5 Synth

No serious vintage synth collector can be without a Prophet 5 Analog Synth. The Prophet 5 was made between 1977 to 1984 and is among the very first synthesizers able to store user settings and sound parameters into patch memory.

One of  the other remarkable feature of the Prophet 5 synth was its whopping 5-Voice Polyphony. Wow, back in 1977 you could finally play up to 5 voices at the same time.

The Prophet 5 was a technical marvel and the envy of every Synth enthusiast back in its day. Admired for its rich, textural sounds and known for its classic, polyphonic sweep, the Prophet 5, like the Moog, became the standard in Analog Synths for that era. The Prophet 5 synth is capable of producing pretty good sounding brass, atonal and bell tone sounds.

Prophet-5 ModelAverageVery GoodMint
Rev 1: Serial Numbers 1-182$5,800$6,700$8,000
Rev 2: Serial Numbers 184-1299$5,800$6,700$8,000
Rev 3: Serial Numbers above 13$5,800$6,700$8,000
Prophet-5 Synthesizer with Remote Keyboard$5,800$6,700$8,000
Prophet-5 Synthesizer with Polyphonic Sequencer$5,800$6,700$8,000

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5

Prophet-5 Synths are equipped with some pretty cool modulation capabilities; With its Poly-Mod feature, the output of the filter envelope generator is passed through A couple of mixer knobs and can be hooked up to the pulse and pitch controls on the first oscillator, then to the cutoff frequency control. All three features can be tweaked at the same time, allowing for some wide-ranged, complex sounds and effects.

Prophet 5 enthusiasts have varying degrees of opinions on the three manufacturer revisions of the synth. The first two; Rev 1 and Rev 2 were made by Solid State Music and Rev 3, by Curtis Electromusic Specialties. Depending on who you talk to, you may get some difference of opinions on the experts as to which of these Revisions produces the richest, thickest sounds. At any rate, these kinds of debates and disagreement add to the historical perspective and value of these vintage analog synths.  Additionally, some very notable music groups and performers played on the Prophet 5: Weather Report, Joe Zawinal, Pink Floyd, just to name a few.

The Prophet 5 Synth Sound

This demonstration of the Prophet 5  does a great job taking us back and letting us hear the fat, rich sounds this analog, vintage synth is capable of producing.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
I'm speechless… this synth is beautiful! Awesome! Amazing!… Audio is 20% coming from the camera (stereo) and 80% coming direct from the synth.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

Manufactured bySequential Circuits
PriceUS$4495 (Rev 1, Rev 2); US$3995 (Rev 3)
Technical specifications
Polyphony5 voices
Oscillator2 VCOs per voice
Synthesis type

Analog Subtractive

Analog Frequency modulationvia Poly-Mod

Filter24 dB/octave resonant low-pass
Attenuator2 x ADSR; one for VCF, one for VCA
Velocity sensitiveNo
Memory40 patches (120 patches on later units)
Keyboard61 keys
Left-hand controlPitch & modulation wheels
External control


Optional factory MIDI kit for later Rev 3 units

Vintage Prophet 5’s for Sale

[block] Release Date: [field Release] [/block] [block] Keys: [field Keys] [/block] Manufactured by Sequential Circuits Dates 1978-1984 Price US$4495 (Rev 1, Rev 2); US$3995 (Rev 3) Technical specifications Polyphony 5 voices Timbrality Monotimbral Oscillator 2 VCOs per voice LFO 1 Synthesis type Analog Subtractive Analog Frequency modulation via Poly-Mod Filter 24 dB/octave resonant low-pass Attenuator 2 x ADSR; one for VCF, one for VCA Aftertouch No Velocity sensitive No Memory 40 patches (120 patches on later units) Effects None Input/output Keyboard 61 keys Left-hand control Pitch & modulation wheels External control CV/Gate Optional factory MIDI kit for later Rev 3 units