As a kid, I’d break out the the LEGO box on a rainy day. As an adult, I can spend a rainy afternoon building blocks of sound with an analog synth. Combining the two makes perfect sense, and leads to some seriously cool replicas for you desk or studio. Check out these amazing LEGO vintage synths:

Lego Jupiter 8

Created by percussive, the Lego Jupiter 8 is a prefect lego reproduction.

Lego Jupiter 8

Lego Minimoog

Grobie did a great job recreating the iconic Minimoog synths in mini-brick form. You can even go vote for his designs and with enough supporters, LEGO will make the set available commercially.


Lego Fairlight CMI IIx

Iain Heath recreated the 1979 Fairlight digital sampling keyboard in all it’s putty glory.

lego fairlight

Moog Modular 55

Grobie immortalized Moog again, this time with the Moog Modular 55. Imagine your patch cables are messy, imagine LEGO-sized cables.

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