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As long time users of the Oberheim OB8 and 2 Voice (take a listen to our “Occupations” EP as both are on it all over the place) we were pleasantly surprised when Dave Smith Instruments showed us their new analog workhorse and collaboration with the inimitable Tom Oberheim— the OB6. The allure for the Oberheim polyphonic sound, for us, has always been it’s unique melancholic tone colour. No matter what kind of sounds are programmed, Oberheim’s tend to have this wonderful midnight music vibe, like driving in a car late at night circa 1983. We’re pleased to report that the OB6 captures this sound quality effortlessly and in spades.

Our approach to the design of the factory bank patches we submitted (most of which you hear in the demo) was rather simple: we made the same kinds of sounds we would program on our Oberheims, and barring a couple, largely ones we would find useful in a production context. Though we don’t typically record synthesizers with FX printed on the same track, the FX engine is so wonderful sounding on the OB6, and highly controllable, that it made us reconsider. In short, the FX engine is no slouch, and for the many decades spent dismissing the on board FX of most ‘modern’ synths, this is the first time that we’ve heard an FX engine exude the same quality as the top end hardware units from Lexicon, Eventide, or AMS that we tend to use in the production process.

Everything you hear on the demo was done entirely on the OB6. Absolutely NO additional FX or sequencers were used. We simply ran the stereo output from the OB6 into a DI and a stereo mic pre amp directly into Pro Tools HD and tracked it in.